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Cancel your Service Contract or Warranty

Since our dealers sells hundreds of different types of service contracts and protection products, you should refer to the specific cancellation provisions contained in your contract/policy that your dealer sold you. Some products may not be cancelled.

If the terms of your service contract or protection product provide for it to be cancelled, then you must do the following in order to cancel your service contract or protection product:

1. Contact the Dealer that sold you the policy to request a cancellation

The dealer will have the necessary forms for you to fill out and sign in order to request a cancellation. The dealer will process the cancellation with the warranty administrator. You should make sure that the dealer gives you a copy of the cancellation forms you sign.

2. Ensure that the dealer submits a copy of your cancellation request to Universal Lenders in order to stop the billing process.

  • Your payment contract requires you to notify us if you decide to cancel.  Most times the dealer will notify us for you, however if your dealer fails to notify us, you still have an obligation to notify is that you cancelled.  Upon receipt of your written cancellation request, we will freeze and flag your account with Universal as a pending cancellation while we wait for the dealership to process and pay off your account.
  • You should also follow up with Universal to make sure that we’ve received your cancellation request from the dealer. You should also fax or email a copy of the request to Universal Lenders (info on our contact us page).


  • You must inform Universal that you have requested cancellation so that we can stop the automatic payments from coming out of your bank account or being charged to your credit card.
  • Pick up a phone... call us... send us an email... all you need to say is "please remove me from automatic payments."  We promise that we really don't want to keep charging you for payments after you've decided to cancel, but how are we supposed to know to stop the automatic payments if you don't tell us to stop running them every month?
  • If we are not notified of a cancellation by you or the dealer, automatic payments will continue to run as scheduled, and will only be refunded as described below and in our refund policy.

As a courtesy, Universal Lenders LLC will forward your request to your selling dealership if you complete a Cancellation Request Form. You may download the Cancellation Request Form and then fax it to 773-889-4508 or email it to [email protected]. We will forward your request to your selling Retailer.


IMPORTANT: Until the dealership processes your cancellation request your account remains open. Once the cancellation is processed and Universal Lenders LLC receives the funds from the Retailer to payoff your account then your account will be closed and your obligation to Universal Lenders LLC will end.