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Due Date Changes

At Universal Lenders we understand that our customers budget and plan certain bills and payments to coincide with their regular paychecks each month.  If a different day of the month would be more convenient for you to make your payments each month, we may be able to change your due date in order to accomodate your financial budget.

A Due Date Change is a permanant modification of your payment plan, and will be applied to each and every remaining payment going forward.  Before requesting a due date change, please make sure that day of the month you are requesting will be convenient to you for the remainder of the payment plan.

A Due Date Change is not intended or offered as a temporary measure to extend, delay, or postpone any one particular payment.  This specifically regards accounts on automatic payments.  If you are trying to change or postpone your "next" automatic payment, you should request to cancel automatic payments, as described in our policy regarding changing or postponing automatic payments.  You can certainly request a due date change in advance of an upcoming automatic payment, however please be aware of the following terms & conditions regarding due date changes, particularly that you can only change your due date 1 time.

Please read the following terms & conditions governing due date changes, and if applicable,   you may request a due date change by emailing your request to [email protected] .  A due date change will not be effective until approved and acknowledged by a representative of Universal Lenders, and we will mail a confirmation letter to your home address acknowleding the change.


  • You can not change your due date at any time while your account is past-due, delinquent or in default.  If such a condition exists, you must bring the account current by paying all past due payment(s), before we will change your due date.
  • You can only change your due date one time during the course of your payment plan. If you have previously requested and changed your due date, we will not honor subsequent requests.
  • You can only modify a due date by up to 15 days before or after your current due date. Customer requests that exceed ±15 days will not be honored.
  • Due date changes are a courtesy that Universal Lenders provides to better accommodate our customers’ budgetary needs. However, Universal Lenders is under no obligation to provide or accept requests for a change of due date, and any due date change request is subject to further review at any time by management or its delegates. 

Due date changes are not to be offered by Universal employees to curb delinquency or re-age past due accounts, and such practice or abuse is strictly forbidden.  Upon discovery by management of an employee that has re-aged a delinquent account in contradiction of these terms & conditions, and where an account remains past-due under a calendar aging method that counts time forward from the account's previously unaltered due date, a correcting entry will be made to revert the due date change to its unaltered state, and the account record will reflect any actual delinquency accordingly.