The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

Fee Schedule and "No-Frill" Fee Policy

Universal Lenders offers 0% Promotional FInancing to its dealers and customers.  That means that YOU PAY ABSOLUTELY 0% / NO INTEREST.

However, there are various fees, as outlined below, that are associated with maintaining and servicing your account with Universal Lenders.  ALL OF OUR FEES ARE COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  That is, it is completely within your control and discretion as to whether we charge you for any of the following fees.   Akin to other "no-frills" companies, we have removed non-essential features from our account servicing and customer service procedures in order to offer you interest-free payments.   Accordingly, if you choose to require our customer service attention, efforts, and handling in order to service and maintain your account, then you also agree to be charged the following fees in order to be provided with non-essential services.

Your payment plan is completely optional, and you may cancel and discontinue payments at any time, as provided in your payment Note & Contract.  You do not have to pay anything that you do not want to pay.  However if you choose to make payments on your warranty or service contract through our payment plan, your participation is required; lack of participation or performance that results in our increased service and handling will result in the following fees, which must be paid as a condition of maintaining your account, however noting that your protection coverage -- afforded by the warranty or service contract in which your payment plan contemplates -- will also be cancelled if you choose to stop paying under the terms of the payment plan.


as of 01/01/2019

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