The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

ABOUT YOUR WARRANTY... coverage... eligibility... repairs... claims...

Universal Lenders provides 0% promotional financing programs for dealers who sell extended service contract and other Vechicle/ RV/ Boat/ Motorcycle protection products (colloquially referred to as "warranties").

When you puchased a "warranty" or other protection product from your dealer, instead of paying the dealer in cash up front for the entire price of the policy(s), you selected to make monthly payments, and the dealer had you sign a payment contract.  Universal Lenders is the finance company that collects payments from you for the purchase of your warranty.  We maintain and service your payment account until your account is paid off.

 ►  Universal Lenders IS NOT the warranty company or service contract administrator  ◄ 

We have limited information that was provided to us about your purchase, solely to effect and set up and collect your payments.  However we know very little about your actual warranty or service contract policy other than how much you agreed to pay for it and how much you currently owe on it.  Since we have a nationwide network of dealers that sell thousands of different types of warranties, it is impossible for us to know exactly how every policy works, or specifically, how your works.  We simply are not qualified to provide answers relating to your warranty, service contract or protection product.  (We would hate to give you the wrong information!)  As such, we are unable to answer questions about your warranty or service contract.

Any questions relating to your protection product policy (such as terms, eligibility, coverage, or to initiate repair claims) must be directed to either the warranty company, product Administrator, or your selling Dealer.

Your dealer should have provided you with a copy of your entire warranty or service contract policy, which is generally anywhere from 6-30 pages long and contains a lot of information about what IS and ISN'T covered.  The warranty company (Administrator) information and phone number is listed on your policy.

If requested, we can provide your dealer's information to you, and we can usually provide you with the name and phone # to your warranty company.  You can send your request to [email protected], or call us at (866) 954-1050 during business hours, and we will look up your account and reply with he information within 24 business hours.  WE ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A COPY OF YOUR POLICY(S).  The file copy that we have is only a 1-page application or endoresment page that we are provided to verify the sale amounts; we do not have a copy of your entire policy.  If requested, we will provide you with our file copie(s) of your polices, for a $15 retrieval fee as specified in our customary fee policy.  However, the dealer or warranty company/administrator should be abe to provide you with copies of the entire policy for no charge.