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CANCEL or POSTPONE Automatic Payments

To cancel your automatic payments:

  • Call our office at (866) 954-1050 during regular business hours, or
  • Email your request to [email protected]

Please note that you MUST contact us at least 1 business day before your payment is due or else we cannot guarantee that your payment will not run.  Since we batch-process payments on the day that they are scheduled to run, if you call or email us on the day that it is due, we may not be able to stop if it has already been processed.  Unfortunately once a payment is released to the bank or credit card processor for collection, it cannot be reveresed.  **Universal Lenders will not be liable for automatic payments that are processed without sufficient advance notice otherwise.  Payments will only be refunded in case of bona fide error pursuant to our refund policy.


Are you trying to postpone or delay your automatic payment?

Universal Lenders offers the automatic payment program as a courtesy to those customers who don't want to worry about making their payments every month.  Unfortunately because of the nature and definition of "automatic" payments, payments must run automatically on the scheduled due date.  We cannot postpone, delay, or extend individual payments.  If your payments cannot run automatically on your due date, you should request to cancel automatic payments as outlined about, to prevent a payment from running. 

If a particular day of the month works better for you, and your account is eligible for permanant due date change, you may be able to request a different payment day under our due date change policy.