The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

CANCEL or STOP Automatic Payments

To cancel your automatic payments:

  • Call our office at (866) 954-1050, OR

  • You may discontinue Automatic Payments at any time; however you must notify us at least 1 business day in advance of a scheduled payment in order to prevent it from running. 
  • We will try to honor same-day requests, but we cannot guarantee that requests made in the same day a payment is scheduled to run can, or will, be stopped.  Unfortunately once a payment is released to the bank or credit card processor for collection, it cannot be reversed. 
  •  If you decide to cancel your warranty, you must notify us to stop automatic payments.  Even if you cancelled through a dealer or the warranty company, they probably are not going to tell us that you cancelled until after we've run your next payment.  Your agreements with Universal require you to tell us that you cancelled.  Pick up a phone... call us... send us an email... all you need to say is "please remove me from automatic payments."  We promise that we really don't want to keep charging you for payments after you've decided to cancel, but how are we supposed to know to stop the automatic payments if you don't tell us to stop running them every month?
  • Universal Lenders will not be liable for automatic payments that are processed without sufficient advance notice contrary to the above policy, nor will we be responsible for NSF or Overdraft fees that your bank may charge you in relation to any payment we process for lack of timely advance notice.