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CHANGE or UPDATE Banking/Debit/Credit Card

If your banking information or credit/debit card information has changed, or if you wish to use a different payments method to make your automatic payments, you will need to fill out a new payment authorization form, sign it, and return in to us in order for us to make the change. 

While we understand this is inconvenient, the NACHA rules and PCI compliance guidelines that govern our use of the electronic banking systems require that we have your signature on file as evidence of your authorization.

  • You may dowload a new payment authorization form or visit the following page to ENROLL or SET UP Automatic Payments.
  • In order to take effect for your next payment, you must return the new authorization form to us at least 1 business day before your next payment is scheduled to run.
  • If you are unable to get a new form filled out and returned prior to your next payment, then you should request to cancel automatic payments in the meantime, so as to avoid possible return/NSF fees.
  • If you do not cancel automatic payments and you do not return a new authorization form to us at least 1 business day before your payment is due, then your automatic payment may be run as scheduled.  Universal Lenders will not be liable for any NSF or Overdraft fees your bank may charge you as a result of your failure to maintain your account, and furthermore your account may be removed from automatic payments and fees may be assessed if any payment is declined or returned unpaid by your financial institution.  See FAQ regarding DECLINED or NSF/RETURNED Payments.