The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions


Universal Lenders will run your automatic payment as scheduled, unless you notify us at least 1 business day in advance of your request to cancel automatic payments.  (For payments due on weekends or bank holidays, the payment will be run the next business day).  Customers should make sure that funds are available on the payment due date.  We make no particular guarantee as to what time of day automatic payments will be ran, and we cannot make special accomodations for individual accounts. 

It is not our intent or purpose to cause you NSF or Overdraft fees, as the Automatic Payment Program is purely meant to be a courtesy and a convenience.  If being on automatic payments is likely to be a problem, we suggest that you cancel automatic payments and make payment on your account via alternative methods. 

AFTER AN ACCOUNT IS REMOVED FROM AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS, if you wish to resume automatic payments, you will need to rectify the situation with your bank or card issuer and re-enroll in automatic payments by filling out a new authorization form. 


For your own financial protection and safeguards, we do not store or retain your banking information after an account is removed from automatic payments.  Our office and our staff cannot "just" put your account back on automatic payments, because we no longer have your banking information.  Accordingly, you must fill out, sign, and return a new authorization form if you want to be re-enrolled in automatic payments after being removed for declined/returned payments.