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ENROLL or SET UP Automatic Payments

What is the Automatic Payment Program? The Automatic Payment Program is a service from Universal Lenders LLC that allows you to make your payments automatically every month. Once you enroll we will automatically withdraw the payment from your checking or savings account, or charge it to your credit/debit card.

To enroll in automatic payments, we will need your signed authorization. Please complete the following form, sign it, and when finished:

  • Fax the completed form to (773) 889-1050 -or-
  • Email the completed form to [email protected]

 Click HERE to download the Automatic Payment Form (Payment-Authorization.pdf) 

WARNING: Click here to read Regulation D Notice  before you use a SAVINGS account .


Things to remember:

  • Filling out the above form online DOES NOT submit your information to us. You must return the form (signed) by fax, email, or mail.
  • When your due date falls on a non-banking day, we will process your payment the following business day.
  • If any payment is declined, returned, dishonored or charged back, then you will be terminated from the Automatic Payment Program. You will have to re-enroll if you want to go back on automatic payments.
  • You may discontinue Automatic Payments at any time; however you must notify us at least 1 business day in advance of a scheduled payment in order to stop it from running.  We will try to honor same-day requests but we cannot guarantee that requests made in the same day a payment is scheduled to run can or will be stopped.