The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

POSTPONE or CHANGE Automatic Payment Day

Universal Lenders offers the automatic payment program as a courtesy to those customers who don't want to worry about making their payments every month.  This service and our ability to offer it depend on the very nature and definition of the word: "automatic."  That is, simply, automatic payments need to run automatically.

We cannot postpone, delay, extend, or change any individual payment. 

 If your payments cannot run automatically on your due date, you should request to cancel automatic payments in order to prevent a payment from running.  At your option and request, at a later date, you can re-enroll in automatic payments by filling out a new authorization form.

Permanant Due Date Changes:

While we cannot change/postpone any single or particular payment date, if a certain day of the month works better for you, we may be able to modify and permanantly change your due date to a different day of each month.  See our account service section regarding Due Date Changes to see if that option is available to you.