The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

PAYING OFF your account


If you decide to pay off your account early:

  1. CONTACT US to obtain your final account balance and account number.

  2. Once you have confirmed your final balance, you can make the pay off by any method listed on our HOW TO PAY section.*

Additional provisions when paying off your account:

  • *If your account is on automatic payments:
    • We regret that we are unable to process account payoffs using the automatic payment system, because our system is only capable of processing your regular payment amount, on you regular due date.  For odd requests, such as payoffs, that fall outside the scope of "automatic", you will need to make the payment using another method.
    • If you or a third party is mailing a pay off to us, you must notify us to cancel automatic payments to ensure that we do not process additional payment(s) while your payment is in transit.
  • If you or a third party is mailing a payment to our office:
    • Please be sure to allow for mailing time and that we receive the payment before any further late, delinquency, or cancellation charges apply.  When we quote a pay off, we will always quote the payoff for at least 10 days to allow for mailing.  However as time is of the essence, our previous statements or communications may become invalidated by the passage of time and additional fees that would become due under the contract if a payment is not received "on time."
  • We do not customarily mail receipts, statements, or letters after an account is paid in full.  If requested, we will email you a paid-in-full statement for no charge.  For printed/mailed statement or letters, there is a $15 maintenance fee pursuant to our customary fee policy.
  • If your payoff causes an overpayment or credit balance on your account, we will issue refunds pursuant to our refund policy.
  • Credit Reporting: We will report the paid-in-full/closed status of your account after we receive your pay off.  Please note that your credit report is not updated in real time and may take anywhere from 30-45 days to be updated after we receive your payment.  Please see our credit reporting section for details.

† Payments are applied on the date received; however, due to bank clearing and float times, funds may be uncollected.  Some payment(s) may be subject to the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) or Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA, Regulation E).  Any previous or current payment(s) that are returned, dishonored, charged-back or disputed with or by the payor bank or card issuer will render any "paid-in-full" statements we make as void, and additional NSF/Return/Decline fees may be assessed for payment(s) that are returned for any reason.