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E-Pay/Bill-Pay Payments

We glady accept your bank's E-Pay/Bill-Pay Payments

When setting up a payment profile with your bank's bill payment service, please MAKE SURE TO LIST YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER on the payment record, and have your bank send the payment to:

PO BOX 4179
OAK PARK, IL 60303-4179

Additional provisions when setting up payments through your bank's bill payment service:

  • Most banks offer a bill payment service ("E-Pay" or "Bill-Pay", etc) that allows you to pay your bills online, through your bank's website.  If you have a checking or savings account, you probably have this service available to you.  Some credit cards offer the bill payment service as well.  Please contact your financial institution or credit card issuer to see if a bill payment service is available to you, and for instructions on how to use it.
  • When setting up a payment profile with your bank, please provide them with your account number so they can put it on the payments.  If you do not know your account number, please call our office at (866) 954-1050.
  • When using bill payment services through your bank, please note: While you transaction and initiate the payment online or through your bank's phone app, your bank does not send us the payment electronicallyYour bank processes a paper check, and mails it to us.  Accordingly, you must allow for mailing time when initially a payment through your bank's bill payment provider.
  • Please note also: Each bank operates differently.  Some banks do not withdraw the money for your bill payments until we have actually received and cashed the check that they mail.  HOWEVER some banks withdraw the funds from your account as soon as you create a bill payment through their system.  They will still mail us a check and we still have yet to actually cash it.  The fact that your bank has withdrawn money from your account does not necessarily mean that we have received they payment or cashed the check.  When researching lost/missing/unposted bill payments, you should always contact your bank first to see if the bill payment check has actually been cashed.