The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

Payments by MAIL

Payments may be made by sending a check, money order, or other bank draft to one of the following addresses.

If by regular mail, please address to:

PO BOX 4179
OAK PARK, IL 60303-4179

If sending by overnight, priority, registered, certified or courier service, please send to:

1011 LAKE ST STE 303
OAK PARK, IL 60301-1050


Additional provisions when sending payment via mail:

  • Please note your account number on your check or money order.  If you do not know your account number, please call our office at (866) 954-1050.  When sending a money order or bank draft, please keep a copy or receipt for your records.
  • If sending by regular mail, please allow for at least 5 business days mailing time.  There is a 10-day grace period from when your payment is due until we charge a late fee, which is more than enough time to allow for mailing, even if mailed on the payment due date.  Payments received more than 10 days late will be assessed late charges, regardless of the post-mark.
  • If you have more than 1 account, you must send a separate check for each account that you want to make payment on.  We cannot post the same check across multiple accounts.  Checks mailed contrary to this provision will be either: 1) not cashed; or 2) entirely applied to 1 account, at our discretion, leaving any other account(s) unapplied and unpaid.  In this event, unpaid accounts will be treated in accordance with our standard collection procedure relating to delinquent and defaulted accounts.
  • We do not have control over the post office or any delays caused in transit while in custody of the U.S. mails.  Nonetheless your payments are due per the terms of the contract and any other defult/cure period that elapses.  Warranties are cancelled for non-payment when they are more than 30 days past due.  If your account is in jeapodary of being cancelled for non-payment, WE MUST RECEIVE PAYMENT BY THE FINAL DATE INDICATED OR YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE CANCELLED.  We strongly advise making the payment by phone, Priority/Certified/Registered Mail, or by Courier to ensure that your warranty is not cancelled.
  • We pick up our mail from the post office every day, and mail is delivered to our office daily by the post man.  We post ALL payments as of the same day we receive them.  We do not purposefully "hold onto" payments for any reason.