The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

Online/Web Payments


We understand that most companies accept online payments.  However, please consider the following:

  • Companies that accept online payments are also more prone to security risks and breaches of your financial data and banking information.
  • If we accepted payments online, the servers that handle those financial transactions across the internet would be targeted by hackers and malicious users attempting to gain access to your information.  The security and systems needed to combat these online threats are evermore increasing (just read the news!).
  • We don't want to be on the news for a security breach or for allowing your banking information to fall into the wrong hands.  How embarrassing!
  • And so, we do not process any of your personal, financial or banking information on servers that have direct access to the public internet.  We believe this is the best way to keep your information safe!
  • Aside, keep in mind that we do not charge any interest and you have a 0% payment plan.  The systems, infrastructure and network security required to maintain an online payment portal is well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars!  Quite simply, if we had to pay for all of that, we would pass the costs on to you... probably by charging interest.  And so we ask: Would you rather have an interest-free payment plan, or be able to pay online but with a 24.99% APR attached?  (We like the idea of ZERO interest a lot better).