The ZERO Plan®

0% Payment Solutions

Payments by PHONE

Payments can be made by telephone by calling our office during regular business hours. 

(MON - FRI, 9AM to 6PM CST).

Our phone number is (866) 954-1050.

 There is a convenience fee to pay by phone: 

  • For ACH/Electronic Check Payment, the fee is $15.00
  • For Credit/Debit Card Payments, the fee is the greater of $15, or 3% of the payment amount (for payments over $500)
  • There is a separate fee for each payment transaction (that is, per account and/or per method of payment).  For example, if you are paying on 2 separate accounts with 1 card, or splitting a payment on 1 account across 2 different debit cards, there will be 2 separate convenience fees charged since it constitutes 2 separate payment transactions.

Additional provisions when making payment by telephone:

  • We do not issue payment receipts.  When you pay by electronic methods, your bank or credit card issuer will show the payment in their systems as soon as the same the payment is processed.  Most people have online access to their bank accounts and can view the transaction in real time.  Nonetheless, your bank statement or credit card statement, showing the credit or debit, constitutes your official proof and evidence of payment.
  • We do not generate or provide confirmation numbers.  At the time you make a phone payment, you can note the name of our employee, their extension, and the date/time you called.  If for any reason the payment must be researched in the future, our phone system can retrieve a record of the call by the a combination of the aformentioned information.
  • We are not forcing you to pay a fee to make your payment.  Our processing of payments by phone is a courtesy and convenience that we are under no obligation to provide, however we offer to process a payment by phone in exchange for the above-described fee.  Accordingly, If you choose to pay by phone, then you also choose to pay the associated fee.  You may choose alternative methods of payment, such as mail, in order to avoid the fee.